Thursday February 8, 2018

The 6:30pm group sprinting it out on the Bikes during Tuesdays WOD!
Reminder: There will be NO 6:30PM WOD tonight due to our quarterly trainers meeting. Thanks for understanding!
It’s almost that time of year again, The CrossFit Games Open! Have you signed up yet? Click here to get registered ASAP and lets make this the best Open yet!


Option 1:
Athletes Choose 1 From Each Section:
1RM Deadlift
1RM Bench Press
1RM Back Squat

Max Strict Pull-ups
Max Weighted Pull-up
Max Muscle-ups
Max Strict Handstand Push-ups

1 Minute Max Calorie Bike
500 Meter Row For Time

Option 2:
Make up a WOD that you missed, or a WOD that you have really been wanting to try, work on skills, etc!

*You must still come to one of the regularly scheduled WOD times.

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. Alfred A.”


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