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January 14, 2021

Friday January 15, 2021

Alexis is crushing it as she works through her Thrusters! __ WOD Barbell Complex On the 1:30 x 6 Sets: 3 Front Squats 3 Push Press “Blitzen” 5 Rounds For Time: 20/15 Calorie Row 10 Thrusters (115/85) __ DAILY MINDSET “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I’ll remember. Involve me, and I’ll learn.” ~Benjamin Franklin The musician doesn’t […]
January 13, 2021

Thursday January 14, 2021

Casey is taking advantage of every little bit of sunshine she can as she works through her Hand Release Push Ups! __ WOD “Wunderful” 10 Rounds For Time [25 Minute Cap]: 30 Double Unders 20 AbMat Sit-ups 10 Hand Release Push-ups __ DAILY MINDSET “Only a man who knows what it’s like to be defeated, can reach down to the […]
January 12, 2021

Wednesday January 13, 2021

Christy is all smiles are she works through rounds on the dreaded Assault Bike! __ WOD “Control-Alt-Delete” On the 5:00 x 4 Rounds: 20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35) 40 Air Squats 20/15 Calorie Assault Bike __ DAILY MINDSET “When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.” ~Kurt Vonnegut It can be easy […]

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  • I heard about CFD through a friend. I was a little hesitant to go to my first WOD because I hadn't exercised consistently for years. I thought crossfit was for people that were already in really good shape. After my first workout, I was hooked! I felt so accepted, my husband and I have made some really good friends, my kids think it's pretty cool to have a strong mama, and I've lost 30 lbs. I actually look forward to going. The workouts are fun and challenging and the people and trainers are amazing! I never thought I would enjoy lifting weights, but it's so fun to lift and incorporate weights into a high intensity workout. With dedication and hard work, I've increased my strength more than I ever thought possible. Crossfit has honestly changed my life. I love being a part of the CFD family. No matter what your fitness level is, come give it a try!
    2 years CrossFit Draper
  • CFD has become a critical part of my lifestyle for stress and chemical management. It provides that daily burst of intense activity to break a solid sweat and release of much needed chemicals. CFD staff also provides the professional insight and motivation that drives me through each WOD. With their help I leave everyday at 1:00 having a great sense of accomplishment. all while supplying the energy for the remainder of the work day and especially at home with an active wife and 3 young kids. With top of line trainers, equipment and clean facilities I look forward everyday to seeing sweating with fellow NOONERS.
    18 months CrossFit Draper
  • I am 61 years old and joined Crossfit Draper 18 months ago. In the beginning I was apprehensive about my physical capabilities which included strength and endurance. The gym I had previously attended offered a beautiful facility but no one there seemed to care about your physical outcome once you joined. I felt lost and unsure of myself. Hillari spent the first three days privately teaching me the basics of proper warm ups, stretching, weight lifting with light weights, rowing and many other methods of exercise with this one central truth...Crossfit is meant to help their members get strong and fit-you don't compare yourself to anyone else because everyone is on a different fitness level. I now attend Crossfit 5 days a week. My strength has improved, my flexibility is terrific. I can run one mile...how is that for endurance. The University of Utah asked me the other day if I would be willing to take part in a case study for people my age. When I told them I worked out 5 days a week at Crossfit they were blown away. It is one thing to impress somebody else but even better when you impress yourself with results. I recommend Crossfit Draper as the best gym in Utah and Hillari as the best trainer you will ever meet. When you leave your workout for the day..you will feel good about YOU!
    18 months CrossFit Draper Member
  • When I began workouts at CFD, I weighed almost 235LBS, could only do one pull up, and could barely hold a 45lb bar above my head.  Thanks to the experienced trainers, with their scaled workouts, I was able to begin at my own pace. Yes, I was a college athlete, but I hadn’t workout in about 10 years.  I knew how hard I could push my body, however, my body did not go very fast or did I have any flexibility at first. Today, Just over six months of working out at CFD roughly three times per week, I have lost close to 20LBS, can do over 25 pull ups, regained a confidence in myself that I am still an athlete, and get to compete with those close to me in workouts and fun activities. CFD, has been nothing short of a blessing in my life.
    9 months CrossFit Draper
  • CFD is very much like a family to Kamrie and I. Some of our best friendships were forged in WODs with the amazing community of trainers and athletes found at CFD.   We love that the training prepares us not only physically but mentally for the many adventures we have in our life. We value immensely the endurance, strength, mental fortitude and enjoyment that come from our time spent at CFD.
    Alvin and Kamrie
    4 Years CrossFit Draper Member
  • Crossfit Draper has become a second home to me. The friendships and memories made are second to none. The trainers are the best- they get to know everyone on a personal level. Over the past 5 years I have seen results that I never thought would have been possible. I'm in better shape now at 37 than I ever was throughout my 20's. We travel 15 minutes and pass 5 other gyms before getting to Draper..it's more than worth the effort to get there. #CFDrules
    5 Years CrossFit Draper Member
  • Crossfit has been a life changer for me! The community is amazing! It's more than a workout and a gym. It's my happy place, my support group, and my family! It helped me keep going through some very tough times... Not only did I pull through, but I gained strength and confidence in the process! I came in wanting to lose weight. Get fit. Now I just want to lift heavier, run faster, and PR on everything! So addicting. I love it.
    2 Year CrossFit Draper Member
  • Crossfit Draper has been a game changer for me. Over the past 4 years I have been able to lose 10+ pounds of fat and put on 20+ pounds of muscle. The trainers are fantastic and have helped me achieve my fitness and diet goals. The people I have met at CFD have become some of my closest friends. I look forward to working out every morning with the 6:00 am group. Exercise has gone from something that I used to struggle to get excited about to the best part of my day. Crossfit Draper has changed my life!
    4 Years CrossFit Draper
  • I liked to think of myself as a runner before I started Crossfit Draper. I would log quite a few miles each week to maintain a 8-13 mile base. With the training we have done at CFD I have been able to really pull back the time I spend running and still maintain my base. I am not only a stronger runner that has to do less mileage but I am faster and stronger overall. I still enjoy running races but now it is not a chore to train for them, I am game ready at all times thanks to CFD. The other plus side is I look a bit better running with my shirt off;)
    1 Year CrossFit Draper

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