Thursday April 21, 2022

Andrew is fighting through the Lunges during Tuesdays WOD!



Max Calorie Bike

Every 3 Minutes [Starting at 0:00]:
5 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
10 Burpees to Target (6″)
15 AbMat Sit-Ups

*Score = Sum Total Bike Calories


“People don’t fear change. People fear sudden change. People fear revolutions. People don’t fear evolutions.”

~Simon Sinek

When we sit on this quote for a moment, we can draw a parallel to a recent experience.

Think back to a recent experience that was full of change. Was it uncomfortable? Of course it was.

Now take that same experience and pretend as if those changes were briefed to you on January 1st, and they steadily took place over the course of the calendar year. Would it feel different?

I think so too.

The underlying message is that we don’t fear change. We only fear the speed of change. When we are able to take a step back and see the “uncomfortableness” for what it is, we can find a stronger perspective.

Remind ourselves of this the next time change elicits that unique feeling in our stomach.
For awareness, as always, is the key.

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