Monday July 17, 2023

Liz is staying consistent with her workouts as she approaches the last few weeks before baby K makes it’s apearance! 



Part 1: Back Squat

Build to a heavy single

Part 2: “Calamari”

40/30 Calorie Row
20 Thrusters (75/55)
10 Bar Muscle-Ups

*Sub BMU with Burpee Pull-Ups

Daily Mindset

“What you resist, persists.”

What would you think about if I told you to *not* think of a pink giraffe?

The same effect takes place if I tell you “don’t slow down” as you start your final 400 meter run in a workout. Our minds don’t operate well when we focus on what “not to do”. Instead of focusing on what not to do, let’s focus on what *to do.*.

Let’s turn “don’t slow down” on that last 400m run into “I can hold this pace”. Transition “don’t eat those cookies”, “let’s go snack on some celery”.

If our thoughts become words, and those words become actions, we’re going to get what we focus on. So let’s choose wisely.

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