Monday December 23, 2019

Justin and Estee are getting some much needed couples time in with their WOD!
The Holiday schedule for the week of Christmas will be as follows: Monday will be the normal schedule. Tuesday we will run the regular daytime schedule but there will be NO evening WOD’s. Wednesday (Christmas Day) we will be closed. Thursday the 26th we will run an 8:00 and 10:00am WOD. The rest of the week will be the regular schedule. Thanks for understanding and Happy Holidays!
Reminder: Make sure to schedule your time with Dexa Body by clicking here! they have opened more time slots, but spaces are limited, so get it done ASAP!


Every 5 Minutes x 5 Rounds:
20/14 Calorie Row
20 x 10 Meter Shuttle Sprints
20/14 Calorie Assault Bike


“Think like an immigrant. Act like an artisan.”

To “think like an immigrant”… where nothing is owed to me. Nothing promised. There’s no legacy spot awaiting me, and I’m not owed a job, a title bump, or a promotion. That no matter what or who I was yesterday, I’m brand new here, today. So I better plan to work harder than I ever have before to achieve my goals.

And to act, “like an artisan”. In the middle-ages, before mass production, every pair of shoes, every saddle, tool and utensil were made by hand. All one-off productions. By a creator, called an artisan. Artisans took great pride in their work, and would carve their initials into each piece they created.

Regardless of what we’ve accomplished, nothing is owed to us. Yesterday is gone, and we must earn today. And in everything we do, let’s take so much care that we could proudly etch our name into the side of our work for the world to see. We are humble, we are hungry, and we are the hardest damn workers in the room.

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