Thursday November 28, 2019


Attention: If you are running the Thanksgiving 5K with us here is the information you need to know! Registration is closed.  We will meet at the gym at 7:30am and carpool over to the race. There is a new start location, click here for details. If you end up meeting us there, please find us at the finish line because right after the race we will meet for a group picture! After the race we will have a Coffee, Mimosa, and Hot Chocolate party at CFD!! If for any reason the weather is too bad to run the race we will still have a WOD at the gym, so no excuses! We can’t wait to be thankful in fitness with all of you!
The Holiday schedule for this week will be as follows: Thursday there will be NO WOD’s at the box, we will be running the Utah Human race 5K! Meet at CFD at 7:30am. Friday we will run an 8:00am and 10:00am WOD. Saturday we will run the regular 8:00am and 10:00am WOD’s. Thanks for understanding and we hope you have a great Holiday!

Reminder to save the date: We will be holding our 11th annual “Ugly Sweater” party on Friday December 6th! There will be something for everyone, including the Utah Football game! So bring the whole family and let’s celebrate another incredible year at CFD!


Run a 5K!

The 5K is one of the most popular race lengths in the world. A 5k run is 5 kilometers long, which is the equivalent of 3.1 miles. Because the 5K is one of the shorter road races, it’s very popular among beginner runners who want to give racing a try as well as advanced runners who like to have short-term goals.



“The only difference between feedback and criticism, is how you hear it.”

~Tim Grover

We are defensive creatures. It’s in our nature for self-preservation. Thousands of years ago, when a threat was in the area, such as a predator, the human mind and body would kick into a fight-or-flight state.

This reaction absolutely can still ring true today when we receive feedback.

We’ve all related to a time where we felt threatened by feedback. Where we felt like we were being attacked. Much like the primal man in the example above, self-preservation kicks in, and we become defensive.

But outside of that uncomfortable moment, we recognize that feedback is the best thing for us. It’s the secret sauce to improvement. So how can we train our minds to receive it as so?

Remind ourselves, whenever we have the luxury to receive feedback (because it is), there is no downside. There literally isn’t. Even if the feedback or advice is something we can’t use at all, or it doesn’t fit our goals, we still gained insight from another’s point of view or angle. And in truth, if we put in the work to think on a deeper level through it, virtually every piece of feedback pushes us further in the right direction.

Whenever feedback comes our way, it’s a gift. A gift that someone is taking time out of their day to give to us. They don’t have to do this – they are choosing to. Choosing to give us their time, not to break us down, but to help build us up further. If we can remind ourselves of this as the feedback comes, we’ll never hear “criticism” again.

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