Friday April 7, 2023

Cam is working her way up to her heavy Clean and Jerk!



Part 1: Clean and Jerk

Build to a heavy single

Part 2: “Built Different”

For Time [15 Minute Cap]:
30-20-10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
3-2-1 Rounds of Dumbbell “DT” (50/35)

Daily Mindset

“The only difference between feedback and criticism is how you hear it.”

~Tim Grover

We are defensive creatures. It’s in our nature for self-preservation.

We’ve all related to a time where we felt threatened by feedback. Where we felt like we were being attacked. Much like the primal man, self-preservation kicks in. But outside of that uncomfortable moment, we recognize that feedback is the best thing for us. It’s the secret sauce to improvement. So how can we train our minds to receive it as so?

Remind ourselves, whenever we have the luxury to receive feedback (because it is), there is no downside. There literally isn’t. Even if the feedback or advice is something we can’t use at all, or it doesn’t fit our goals, we still gained insight from another’s point of view or angle.

Whenever feedback comes our way, it’s a gift. If we can remind ourselves of this as the feedback comes, we’ll never hear “criticism” again.

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