Friday April 3, 2020

Casey is going all in during Wednesdays Zoom WOD! Way to crush it!


We are excited to be starting online Zoom WOD’s at 7:00am, 12:00pm, and 4:30pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays! Heather will also be teaching a Recovery/Mobility Zoom class this Saturday at 9:00am! Just click on the links that are provided on the website. Be patient with us as this is all new and we are still learning. If you would like to see a WOD time added, please let us know on the CrossFit Draper community facebook page. We can’t wait to see all of you on Zoom!

Click here for the 7:00am WOD.
Click here for the 12:00pm WOD.
Click here for the 4:30pm WOD.



For Time:
100 Alternating DB Clean and Jerks
*OTM – 5 Burpees over DB

“Kalsnew” (No Equipment Version)

For Time:
100 Odd-Object” Ground-to-Overhead
*OTM – 5 Burpees over “Odd-Object”


*Working through 2 different movements in this conditioning piece
*3, 2, 1 go you will complete 5 burpees, jumping laterally over the dumbbell each time
*No need to extend the hips fully on our burpees today
*Once you’ve completed 5 burpees immediately move into alternating DB Clean and Jerks
* See Movement Video*
*DB will start with each head of the dumbbell on the ground, move to the shoulder, and finish locked out over head with a full hip extension at the top
*Let’s choose a DB weight that would allow you to hit 30+ reps when fresh
*When Minute 1 hits- you will complete 5 more burpees then move back to the dumbbell
*Continue to move through the two movements until you’ve completed 100 DB Clean and Jerks
*Your score will be however long it takes you to finish 100 DB Clean and Jerks
*Be aware that if you have 2 more alternating DB clean and jerks and the clock hits the next minute you need to complete another 5 burpees then finish your two reps


Alternating Dumbbell Clean and JerksVideo

Odd-Object Ground to ShoulderVideo


3 Sets

10 Good Mornings (Use broomstick or cross arms over chest)
10 Lateral Jumps over Dumbbell or Odd object
10 Alternating Dumbbell Cleans or Odd object Cleans
10 Alternating Dumbbell Push Press or Odd object press
5 Push-Ups



“When we are closed to ideas, what we hear is criticism. When we are open to criticism, what we get is advice.”

~Simon Sinek

Our immediate temptation when we receive feedback can be to defend. And often, this defense can be so strong, that it deafens us to any potential upside. We literally close it off, not because the actual information isn’t useful… but because we allowed our emotions to get in the way.

Next time we receive feedback, let’s listen. As obvious as that sounds, there will be a temptation to start to formulate a response, a justification, or an argument. If we are doing that, we aren’t listening.

Strip away the emotion, recognizing that someone has stopped their day to provide us with thoughts that could only make us better.

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