Tuesday October 4, 2016

Beth is back and looking strong after taking time off to have her baby!

Attention Progenex lovers: We are planning to have a more consistent order date of the 15th of each month. We would like you to write your order on the sheet on the desk and we will get them in monthly. Feel free to bring a shaker to your next WOD for a FREE sample! Let us help you maximize your performance and recovery!


“Powder Keg”
5 Minute Window
600 meter Run
1 Round “Cindy”
AMRAP Clean & Jerk (135/95#)

Rest 5:00

5 Minute Window
400 meter Run
2 Rounds “Cindy”
AMRAP Clean & Jerk (155/105#)

Rest 5:00

5 Minute Window
200 meter Run
3 Rounds “Cindy”
AMRAP Clean & Jerk (185/135#)

Great job to everyone that set a new PR in September!


“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.”

~Sholom Aleichem


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