Tuesday December 6, 2016

CrossFit Draper has a way of bringing people together that normally would have no interest in each other!
Attention: There will be NO 6:30pm WOD this Tuesday December 6th due to a trainers meeting. thanks for understanding that we want to make our trainers the very best for you!


Build to a heavy Power Clean

15 Calorie Bike
15 Power Cleans (95/65#)
Rest 3:00

AMRAP 3:00
12 Calorie Bike
12 Power Cleans (115/80#)
Rest 3:00

AMRAP 3:00
9 Calorie Bike
9 Power Cleans (135/95#)

“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.”

~Lily Tomlin


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