Thursday February 16, 2023

Vy is getting set for her heavy one rep Snatch!




EMOM 20:
Minute 1: Movement 1
Minute 2: Movement 2

*Score = Checkbox
*Move for Quality!


EMOM 20:
Minute 1: 10 Kettlebell Swings (50/35) + Max Wall Walks
Minute 2: Max Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)

Score = Total Reps of Wall Walks and Box Jump Overs


“Rome was not built in a day.”

~John Heywood

An old adage on building greatness. Indeed an accurate statement, and a healthy outlook on mastering a craft. However, the critical message is less about how “great things take time”, and more, about the importance of laying the next brick.

We can become consumed with the idea of making it… finishing “Rome.” And in so, we don’t place the value in the next brick being laid. With one eye distracted, thinking of the prize, we only have one eye left for the journey.

The call to action is to lay the focus on that next brick… with every ounce of energy we have. Full mind, body and spirit in the present moment.

It may take weeks, months, years, or a lifetime. But under this lens, you will not miss a day. Until, that is, you have your empire.

What goals are you chasing? What actions are you taking (or bricks you are laying) each day in order to get closer to achieving those goals? If you ever catch yourself feeling overwhelmed by your goals and thinking “I’ll never get there,” refer back to your actions. Ask yourself if these actions are aligning with what you are chasing.

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