Thursday April 30, 2020

Throwback to January when super model Kamrie was crushing her V-Ups! She still is, by the way.




4 Rounds:
30 Dumbbell Swings
30′ Single Dumbbell Overhead Carry (Left)
30 Sit-ups
30′ Single Dumbbell Overhead Carry (Right)


4 Rounds:
30 Odd Object Swings
30′ Odd Object Overhead Carry (Left)
30 Sit-ups
30′ Odd Object Overhead Carry (Right)


*This four round workout includes three movements that will challenge the core, grip, posterior chain, and breathing
*We expect this piece to take around 12-16 minutes to complete
*Hold one head of the dumbbell with both hands for this movement
*The arms will finish parallel to the ground like they do in the Russian Kettlebell Swing
*Choose a weight that you can complete in 1-2 sets
Demo: Video
*Substitute an odd object swing or another option from “modifications”
*Lock the dumbbell out overhead with one arm for the carries
*The elbow should be next to the ear so the body resembles “oI” not “o/”
*Choose a weight that allows you to complete the 30 foot segments unbroken
Demo: Video
*Substitute an odd object carry or another option from “modifications”
*Use an AbMat for this station if you have it
*If not, you can anchor your feet under dumbbells or your couch
*Odd Object Swings
*Russian Kettlebell Swings
*Banded Pull Throughs Video
*Odd Object Overhead Carry
*Kettlebell Overhead Carry
*30 Second Side Plank (For 30′)
*20 Second Handstand Hold (For 30′)
*The belly and the knees play a big role in the dumbbell movements
*A tight belly means the core is engaged – which makes it easier to transfer power from the lower body in the swings
*This also makes it easier to support the weight in the carries – as the dumbbell is stacked over every joint in the body
*Soft knees in the keeps us efficient in the swings and balanced in the carries
*When the knees bend too much, the movement becomes more of a squat – meaning the bell has to travel a further distance
*When the legs straighten in the carries, it can cause a “rocking” from side to side – which makes it harder to balance the weight
*If there’s one station to bring it – it’s the dumbbell swings
*With very short overhead carries and sit-ups to follow, theres more to gain by pushing through big sets here than anywhere else
*One thing that can be helpful in hanging on is breaking the 30 reps into mental checkpoints
*Thinking of the full set as 15-10-5 instead of 30 straight can help you stay focused on the larger task at hand


60-45-30 Seconds

Alternating Bird Dogs Video
Shoulders Taps Video
Glute Bridge Walkouts Video
Flutter Kicks Video
High Knee Run (In Place)



“Nothing is ever attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”

~Samuel Johnson

Just imagine, that we are going to train for the CrossFit Games.
And imagine listing out everything that could possibly prevent us from getting there.

The list.. Goes into the thousands. It’s essentially unending. Imagine if we tried to solve each and every one of those potential problems before beginning?

We’d never start. We want to realize that we can bring the possibility of failure so far into reality that… we never take the first step. It’s called paralysis, through analysis. We overthink, and freeze.

So how do we work around this? It’s not that we pretend those possibilities aren’t there. That’s delusional. Those possibilities are real. But we see those possibilities in a different vein. That they are part of the way, and not in the way. That we recognize the starting line will never be perfect, but we’re going anyways.

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