Sunday June 7, 2020

Congratulations Colby on your High School graduation!



“Sunday Best”

On the Minute x 10:
16 Single Arm Russian Dumbbell Swings (50/35)
Max Front Plank in Time Remaining

Rest 5 Minutes

On the Minute x 10:
10 Single Arm Dumbbell Strict Presses (50/35)
Max Side Plank in Time Remaining (Switch Each Round)


“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut”

~Dr. Suess

The simplicity in this quote, but how deep it travels, is worth reading twice.
We are creatures of habit. We enjoy our routines. Morning rituals, to the way we warm up, to our regimented diets.

Creating healthy habits is a massive advantage, and one that we want to leverage. But with that said, the quote reminds us to be aware of the effect habits naturally have on us. The more ingrained we become into a habit, good or not, the more challenging it is to “see” new ideas. We feel we’ve found what works for us, and often without even realizing it, we close off.

It’s a theme we can take into our day: that we are forever students. There is so much to learn, to experience, to try. Even when we feel we’ve got it all figured out.

Open-mind. Forever a student.

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