Sunday February 26, 2017

Mel is magic!
Reminder: Shayan WILL be running Open Gym today from 9:30am to 11:30am!


For Time:
50 Strict Handstand Push-ups*
*Every break: 5 Strict Pull-ups
3 Rounds:
10 Strict Dumbbell Presses
10 DB Bent Over Rows
Rest 1:00

Building overhead strength today with 50 presses for time, with a strength based cash-out to finish. As a substitute for the handstand pushups, let’s use our most challenging pushup variation that allows for 10+ unbroken repetitions when fresh. All variations below have the same theme–when training our gymnastics, it is best to preserve the range of motion, and scale the load:

1) Push-ups (from toes)
2) Push-ups to a 20″ box
3) Push-ups to a 24″ box
4) Push-ups to a 30″ box
5) Push-ups to the wall

“I don’t go around regretting things that don’t happen.”

~Virgil Thomson


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