Sunday April 5, 2020

Thank you to everyone that jumped in on one of the Zoom WOD’s this week! It’s not the same as being at the gym, but it’s so much better than being on your own. We will continue the same Zoom schedule for this week!



3 Front Plank Pushups
3 Strict Pull-Ups
3 Turkish Sit-Ups
3 Weighted Glute Bridges
6’s, 9’s, 12’s…


*Supple Sunday
*Working through a series of midline stability movements
*Although written as an AMRAP it is not intended to “fast”
*Let’s move through this “AMRAP” with an emphasis on quality over quantity


Front Plank Push-up Video
Turkish Sit-Up Video

Upper Body Mobility

Overhead Stretch on a Wall : 2 Minute Hold

Shoulder to Floor: 1 Minute Each Side

Puppy Pose: 2 Minute Hold

Lower Body Mobility

Spiderman Hold: 3 Minutes Each Side

Happy Baby: 2 Minute Hold

Pike Stretch: 2-3 Minute Hold

Ankle Stretch: 1-2 Minutes Each Side

Squat Hold: 3 Minutes




“Reasons > Goals”

Let’s imagine Jane is overweight, and is set on a new goal. To lose 30 pounds this year. Despite being a good, measurable goal, does it really mean anything to her? Does it get her out of bed in the morning? We can all agree, there’s something missing. As good as a goal is, in order for it to truly do anything for us, there must be a specific, defined, and real reason behind it.

Let’s now imagine Jane wants to lose 30 pounds, but, not for herself. It’s for her two teenage daughters. Jane’s entire family has historically battled with obesity. One might say “it’s hereditary”… and that Jane and her kids are destined to be that way.

Except, Jane has decided to have none of that bullshit. By losing the weight, she’s going to prove to her daughters that they can be whoever they want to be as long as they put in the work. Given her family’s poor track record with health, no relative of hers has lived past 85. Jane plans to lead the way in changing that, and wants to see her daughters, and her daughters’ daughters, grow to be fit and healthy.

Goals don’t get us out of bed in the morning. Reasons do. What’s yours?

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