Saturday September 7, 2019

Liz has been crushing it since she started with the 9:30 group just over a month ago!
Attention: There will be NO Sunday open gym tomorrow, thanks for understanding!


“Toon Squad”
Teams of 3
3 Rounds:
4 Minute Bike Calories
3 Minute Wallballs (20/14)
2 Minute Burpees 🙂


“I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”

~Emiliana Zipada

What if we never reach the finish line?
What if, as sobering as the thought may be, we never reach our dreams?

Would it change who you are today?
Would we look back at our goals, and shoot lower? Change our dreams? To something, easier?

Even if we somehow knew how it would all pan out… we wouldn’t change a thing. Life isn’t about tip-toeing through with safety and assurance. It’s about chasing after what you believe in. The process builds the character – not the achievement.

We choose to live on our feet.

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