Saturday May 27, 2023

Julie and the 6am working through their Overhead Squats!



“Team Hammer” [HERO]

10 Rounds For Time:
5 Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
5 Push Jerks
20 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Barbell: (135/95)

* 5 Rounds Each
* Switch After Full Rounds

Daily Mindset

“When we are closed to ideas, what we hear is criticism. When we are open to criticism, what we get is advice.”

~Simon Sinek

Our immediate temptation when we receive feedback can be to defend. And often, this defense can be so strong, that it deafens us to any potential upside. We literally close it off, not because the actual information isn’t useful… but because we allowed our emotions to get in the way.

Next time we receive feedback, let’s listen. As obvious as that sounds, there will be a temptation to start to formulate a response, a justification, or an argument. If we are doing that, we aren’t listening.

Strip away the emotion, recognizing that someone has stopped their day to provide us with thoughts that could only make us better.

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