Saturday March 18, 2017

Another great shot of the group from last weeks “Friday Night Lights”!
Reminder: There will be NO Yoga for the next 4 week due to Heather taking time off for her new little guy Jonah! Shayan WILL be running Open Gym this Sunday from 9:30am t 11:30am!


“Strongman Saturday”
In teams of 3 – AMRAP in 25 minutes:
10 Strongman Movements
20 Bench Press @ rough BW
30 Med Ball Sit-Ups

Only one team member may be working at a time.
Strongman Movements which may be used are:
– Keg
– Stone
– Tire Flip
– Farmer Carry
– Sled Push
– Axle Bar Cleans

“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.”

~William Butler Yeats


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