Saturday January 14, 2023

Jake is coming in hot!



“Double or Nothing”
In Teams Of Two, Alternating Movements
5 Power Snatches (135/95)
30 Double-Unders
100 meter Sprint

Daily Mindset

“Don’t look for the third thing.”

~Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius breaks down a good deed into two positive results:

One, You did good, and,

Two, You helped another.

The first positive result is that you did good. Every good deed is a vote towards ourselves becoming better human beings. The second is that your actions helped another. Whether big or small, you’ve benefited another human being today.

There is a “third thing” that one can seek, and it was Marcus strongly speaks against: credit.

When one contributes with a good deed, doing right by oneself, and doing right by another, is enough. The desire to receive praise for such an action is the pitfall he warns against. To go around expecting thanks is what he deems as greedy, which can trickle into other areas of life.

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