Saturday April 18, 2020

Join us on Zoom today at 9:00am for some Mobility/Recovery with Heather!

If you haven’t jumped in on one of the online Zoom WOD’s at 7:00am, 12:00pm, and 4:30pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays you are missing out! It’s not too late to get in on the fun. Heather will also be teaching a Recovery/Mobility Zoom class this Saturday at 9:00am! Just click on the links that are provided on the website. Be patient with us as this is all new and we are still learning. If you would like to see a WOD time added, please let us know on the CrossFit Draper community facebook page. We can’t wait to see all of you on Zoom!

Click here for the 9:00am Recovery/Mobility WOD.




Every 5 Minutes x 5 Sets:
200 Meter Run
15 Burpees 🙂
200 Meter Run


*Rounds begin every 5 minutes in this simple bodyweight interval workout
*You’ll complete the three stations for time and rest whatever time remains until the next round begins
*Rounds begin on the 0-5-10-15-20
*Record your time following the second 200 meter run
*Your score is the slowest of the 5 rounds
*We’re looking for these rounds to take no more than 4 minutes – giving you at least 1 minute of rest
*These are standard burpees requiring chest to floor, a small clap overhead, and air under the feet
*You can jump up or step up out of the burpee
*See below for run subs
*250 Meter Row or Ski
*500 Meter Bike Erg
*20/14 Calorie Schwinn Bike
*12/9 Calorie Assault or Echo Bike
*Gravity is your friend on both of these movements today
*Rather than fighting it, let’s use it to our advantage
*Leaning forward at the ankles more aggressively and trying to take more steps can help you run faster with less effort
*In the burpee, don’t resist the way down too much
*Flop down to the ground and do most of your work on the way up
*See if you can make your final 3 rounds faster than your first 2 rounds
*This approach will help you start at a strong pace, but one that you can improve upon as you go


8 Minutes For Quality:
10 Frog Jumps
200 Meter Run
5 Inchworm to Push-ups


Not for Time:
50 “Child Makers”

1 “Child Maker” (Click Video for demo):
With a dumbbell in each hand:
1 Pushup
1 Dumbbell Row (left)
1 Dumbbell Row (right)
1 Dumbbell Deadlift


Athletes choice on loading
If we have only a single dumbbell, complete a regular pushup, and the remainder as above
If we do not have any weights, complete:
1 Pushup PlankVideo
1 Pushup
1 Burpee


“Shallow people believe in luck and circumstance. Strong people believe in cause and effect”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We can choose to believe that life is happening to us, or that we are fully in control.

We could stand by, and wait for life to happen to us. Or, we can choose to believe that we have a say in our own story. That we are the writers of our own script.

Life is a direct reflection of the choices that we make. That the good, bad, ugly, and everything in between is a direct result of our actions. It’s a cop-out to believe that chance is what makes the great, great. If we can train ourselves to truly believe that everything is by choice, opportunity opens.

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