Monday September 5, 2022

Reminder: We will be running a Holiday schedule today. There will be an 8:00am and 10:00am WOD. Thanks for understanding, and we hope you all have a great Labor Day!



“Clovis in Class”

For Time [40 Minute Cap]:
150 Burpee Pull-Ups 🙂

On the 4:00 [Starting at 0:00]:
400 Meter Run

*Score = Time it takes to complete the workout


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I’ll remember. Involve me, and I’ll learn.”

~Benjamin Franklin

The musician doesn’t learn by listening. The musician learns, by playing. It’s how the mind, in its ever plastic state, adapts. It responds to application.

In the “Cone of Learning” (Edgar Dale), we learn:
10% of what we read.
20% of what we hear.
30% of what we see.
50% of what we hear and see.
70% of what we say and write.
90% of what we actually participate in.

Information without application, is knowledge.
Information with application, is wisdom.

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