Monday March 18, 2019

Baylie gets a perfect 10 for her form while she CRUSHES 19.3!

Attention: Don’t forget to submit your score for 19.4 no later than 6:00pm!



Option to Re-do


“Low Key”
9 Burpee Pull-ups
18 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
27 AbMat Sit-ups


“Real fears can be overcome. It’s the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.”

~Theodore Vale

Fear can be absolutely paralyzing.
But only, if we let it.

If there ever was a superpower that we have, it’s the tremendous ability to bring whatever we’re thinking into reality. We can all attest to it. And if you’re human, you can draw back to a time where we talked ourselves into failure, before we even began. The unconquerable fear, as Theodore Vale puts it, is the imaginary one.

It’s human to question, doubt, and fear. But this thousand-year-old survival mechanism, which means well, is leading us down the path of hesitancy. Of inaction. Well knowing where this trajectory takes us, and we must resist it.

Instead of dwelling on what could go wrong, dwell on why it will go right. Dwell on the guaranteed struggle, and our success through it. The struggle is guaranteed, but the success is not. The difference is hardly ever the magnitude of the obstacle, but rather our character in response to it.

Everything is conquerable.
But only if we allow it.

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