Monday January 20, 2020

Belinda has run countless Marathons and has qualified for Boston nine times! She swears by supplementing her running with CrossFit as part of her training to improve her times and reduce injury!


Back Squat
Build to a Heavy Set of 3

For Time:
50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
30 Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)
30 Single Dumbbell Goblet Squats (50/35)
30 Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)
50/35 Calorie Assault Bike


“When it’s obvious that the goal cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goal, adjust the action steps.”


Imagine it’s the final days of 2020. We’re sitting at a desk together, with a pen and paper, answering these three questions:

What were my three biggest accomplishments in 2020?
Where did I set a goal, but miss my target? What happened?
What are the major areas of growth for 2021?

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