Monday February 20, 2023

Alecia is looking strong as she works through her Deadlifts!



Part 1: Deadlift

Build to a heavy set of three

Part 2: “Dinosaur”

For Time:
45 Toes to Bar
45 Kettlebell Jerks (53’s/35’s)
45 Deadlifts (225/155)
45 Handstand Push-Ups

Time Cap: 15 Minutes

Daily Mindset

“The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression.”

~Brene Brown

Sometimes along the way, we forget that we love what we do. The choice of words there was intentional.

Suddenly things become a “job”.
Things used to be fun.
It used to excite us.
Now… not so much.
And we ask ourselves that question… ”What happened?”

When we are here, it’s a must to remind ourselves: love is a two-way street. And it takes work to love. Unlike the portrayal in the movies, there’s commitment with hard work, sweat and tears. But through that, if we can see it all the way, is the irreplaceable fulfillment. We must learn, or maybe better said re-learn, to love what we do.

Think back to what excited us the most when we started. What ignited the fire. What wakes us up in the morning. It’s there. Not lost to “work”, and just in need of a rekindling.

What did your first day of CrossFit look like? What made you come back? What made you have the desire to compete?

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