Monday February 13, 2017

Flashback to when we use to run outside!
The Open is quickly approaching and we could not be more excited! This year we will be giving out prizes, contributing to a great fundraising cause, and reigniting the CrossFit spark! the Open starts on February 23rd and you won’t want to miss out! Click here to get registered.


“Cindy’s Got Speed”
500 meter Run
5 Rounds of “Cindy”
400 meter Run
4 Rounds of “Cindy”
300 meter Run
3 Rounds of “Cindy”
200 meter Run
2 Rounds of “Cindy”
100 meter Run
1 Round of “Cindy”

1 Round of Cindy = 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Air Squats

“Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.”

~Abraham Lincoln


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