Monday April 6, 2020

Mama Gina and Mike joined their first Zoom WOD on Friday!
We are excited to be starting our second week of online Zoom WOD’s at! Which means we’re one week closer to getting back in the gym! But for now the Zoom times are 7:00am, 12:00pm, and 4:30pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Heather will also be teaching a Recovery/Mobility Zoom class this weeks day/time to be determined. Just click on the links that are provided on the website. Be patient with us as this is all new and we are still learning. If you would like to see a WOD time added, please let us know on the CrossFit Draper community facebook page. We can’t wait to see all of you on Zoom!

Click here for the 7:00am WOD.
Click here for the 12:00pm WOD.
Click here for the 4:30pm WOD.



4 Strict Pull-ups
8 Burpees 🙂
12 Single Dumbbell Step Back Lunges

“Castaway” (No Equipment Version)

8 Odd-Object Rows
8 Burpees 🙂
12 Odd-Object Step-Back Lunges


*This workout is all about finding a rhythm and a way to keep moving for all 20 minutes
*The speed we begin with should be a speed we see ourselves holding through the 12-15 minute mark
*Strict pull-ups will be the only movement we may break up today
*There is no wrong option here – choose a break up strategy that you see yourself being able to move the most and rest the least
*Let’s be mindful of the total accumulated volume of strict pull-ups as we move into 12-15+ rounds
*Burpees are standard with chest to ground and full hip extension at the top
*Let’s keep both hands on either side of the dumbbell held horizontally across the chest during the lunges
*Choose a weight that allows for unbroken reps (6 each side) through the whole 20 minutes
*Your score will be total rounds +reps



Horizontal Ring Rows
Barbell Rows (put the barbell in a rack – similar to ring row)
Ring Pull-ups


How to Create an Odd-Object Video
Odd-Object Rows Video
Odd-Object Lunges Video


8 Minutes For Quality:

30 Single Unders
200 Meter Row/Run/Bike Erg/10 cal AB
10 PVC Pass Throughs Video *
5 Inchworm to Push-ups Video

*Use broomstick, band, rake etc.


Stamina Squats

On the Minute x 10:
1 Front Squat
3 Back Squats

*Barbell Loaded at 63% of 1RM Front Squat




“Never confuse movement, with action.”

~Ernest Hemingway

We’ve all had that friend who is constantly busy. Always flying a million miles an hour, but… in all directions at once. And in turn, they find themselves in the same place a year later.

We don’t want to just “move” through life, just like how we don’t want to “exercise”. We train. And we train, because our reps have a purpose behind them. There’s something we’re building towards that specific, defined, and real. We know which direction we are going.

Let’s take that same discipline we have with our training outside the gym walls. Are there areas of life where we feel like we may be going through the motions? How can we refine them?

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