Friday March 17, 2023


Baylie and Buddy getting their Spring Run on!



Part 1: Thruster

Build to a heavy set of 5

Part 2: “Rust Bucket”

21 AbMat Sit-Ups
15 Push-Ups
9 Thrusters (95/65)

Daily Mindset

“Don’t wait for your turn. It’s always your turn.”

~Seth Godin

The perfect moment will never come.

We want to acknowledge a thousand-year-old tendency that we have… that of protection. In an attempt to stay “safe”, the human mind will resist change. And will attempt to convince itself that the time is not right. That the conditions are not “favorable enough”. The laundry list grows.

It starts with awareness. Being conscious that this “resistance” is self-driven.
It ends with action, as it is indeed your turn.

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