Athlete of the MonthFebruary

John "Asian Sensation" Nguyen

Years at CrossFit Draper: 10

When you've been Crossfitting this long, PRs are hard to find. Nice work John, 385 Back Squat!

“I’ve been Crossfitting for 10+ years. I heard whispers about CF so I decided to try it out. My first workout didn’t immediately impress me. I had a standard gym membership prior to trying CFD. The day after my first workout, I had sore muscles that weren’t used to being sore and the workout was only 10 minutes long. So I knew my body was benefiting. Fast forward and here I am 10 years later, stronger and fitter at 44 y.o. than I ever was before CF.”

Back Squat PR
385 lbs
Dead Lift PR
465 lbs
Bench Press PR
270 lbs
Fran PR
Favorite Benchmark Wod

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