The biggest thing that sets us apart from the tradition gym atmosphere is the aspect of friendly competition. The unique thing about the crossfit community of athletes is that they not only compete against each other and the clock, they cheer each other on. The last person to finish the workout is celebrated as much as the first. Any crossfiter will tell you their biggest competitor is themselves. Trying to lift a heavier weight, post a new PR or just make it through a tough workout is reason to pat themselves on the back. They won’t be the only one, other crossfiters always notice the accomplishment and celebrate improvements together.


This class focuses on exercises that target our endurance.
The weekly endurance class is very similar to CrossFit Draper’s normal WOD’s consisting of a warm up, instruction, and actual workout. The major difference in this class is that we will be doing exercises that target our endurance. Primarily these workouts will be longer in length but will also include Interval Training, Distance and Sprint Training, and Strength Training. This class is included in athletes monthly membership.


The running seminar will be held only at specific times and athletes will be required to pay/sign up in advance. The seminar will be covered in three (3) one hour sessions. Each session may go a little bit longer than one hour depending on the amount of athletes in each class. This seminar’s purpose is to teach you the technique of Pose Running. The purpose of this style of running is to allow you to run further with less effort and as a result with less amount of time spent training. The seminar will consist of lecture, drills, and video recording and study. This seminar will cost athletes $30.00 for the three classes.