About CrossFit Draper

CrossFit Draper opened it’s doors in October 2009, we provide each and every athlete who trains here a place to learn new skills, a place to be challenged, a place to cheer on fellow athletes and a place to call home.

Why choose CrossFit Draper?

Our goal is to help everyone from the mother, the student, the middle-age businessman to the star athlete and everyone in between to reach their fitness potential. We do this by offering

1-on-1 training

Work individually with one of our world class coaches to help improve your form, technique, and skill.

Nutrition Challenges

We strive to help you inside and outside of the gym to improve your overall fitness. Our nutrition challenges help you focus in on your diet.


Our workshops focus on skill elements that you’re looking to master, but may require a little more time. Olympic lifting and technique, gymnastics (get that muscle-up), endurance, speed and agility.

In-house Competitions

Competing with yourself, the clock or a fellow member is what drives constant progress in CrossFit. We hold regular in-house competitions to maintain that competitive edge. Saturday team wods are an excellent starting point.


Have little ones? Bring them along! We offer FREE supervised care Monday through Friday at the 9:30am. Kids enjoy playing with toys, friends and watching parents workout through the window. Parents enjoy knowing the kids are safe, toys are cleaned, and the room is childproof. The kids' room is available for use the remaining WOD times, but is unsupervised.

You're not joining a gym, You're joing a community

We are not only a gym, we’re a family. We work hard but we have fun doing it!
Whether it’s getting through the last fifty reps of double-unders during Filthy Fifty, playing kickball, or cheering each other on during the CrossFit Open, the members of CrossFit Draper are a family. It’s the one place where it doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, a grandpa or a student you’re all working for the same goal, to improve your fitness. Don’t just lift weights in front of a mirror at the same ‘ol gym as everyone else, join CrossFit Draper and take your fitness to a whole new level. Learn new skills, and make friends doing it.