Wednesday May 20, 2020
May 19, 2020
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May 21, 2020

John is back in the game with his first Muscle-Up WOD!


”Athlete’s Foot”

5 Rounds:
1 Minute Box Jumps (24/20)
1 Minute Toes to Bar
1 Minute Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
1 Minute Rest


”Athlete’s Foot”

5 Rounds:
1 Minute Plate Hops
1 Minute Weighted Sit-ups
1 Minute Dumbbell Russian Swings
1 Minute Rest


*We’ll work through three 1-minute stations in today’s 5 round workout
*Keep track of your reps at each movement, as your score is the total number of reps accumulated over the 15 minutes or work time
*With a short 1 minute rest, we’re looking for a consistent and moderate pace throughout the workout
*Reps cans be recorded during the rest between rounds
*Plate hops are a simple plyometric movement that do a great job of getting your heart rate up due to their quick cycle time
*We’ll count a rep every time the feet make contact with the top of the plate
*Ideally we’re using a plate that is fairly low to the ground
Click Here for a video demo of this movement
*You’ll anchor your feet under dumbbells, the couch, or another sturdy object for this station
*Hold a dumbbell high up on your chest as you do your sit-ups
*This is ideally a weight that allows you to move for the majority of the minute
*If you only have heavy weights available, complete “strict sit-ups” instead where you don’t use an arm throw
Click Here for a video demo of this movement
*Holding one head of the dumbbell, you’ll swing the weight high enough that the arms are parallel with the ground at the finish
*This should be a weight that you are capable of swinging for 30+ reps unbroken when fresh
*You can also hold the handle of the dumbbell and swing with one arm, alternating sides every 5 reps
Click Here for a video demo of this movement
*Box Jumps
*Line Hops
*Over and Back Dumbbell Hops
*Double Taps
*Reverse Lunges Off Plate
*Reduce Weight
*Strict Sit-ups (No Arm Throw)
*Regular Sit-ups
*Front Plank
*Single Arm Dumbbell Russian Swings
*Russian Kettlebell Swings
*Odd Object Swings
*Glute Bridges (Weighted or Unweighted)
*On the plate hops let’s focus on maintaining a soft bend in the knees
*Keeping the knees slightly bent instead of straightening them every jump will make for a faster cycle time with better coordination int he plate hops
*A soft bend in the knee, along with keeping the weight high on the body between the legs in the *Russian dumbbell swing ensures you are “hinging back” with the weight instead of “squatting down” with he weight
*When you squat down with the dumbbell, the weight has to travel a further distance and we don’t get everything we can out of the muscles of the posterior chain
*Let’s also keep the weight high on the body in the weighted sit-up
*The closer the weight is to the belly button, the easier the movement becomes
*Try to keep the weight up by the shoulders while you work through these reps
*Let’s aim for consistency across the 5 rounds of work today, with the goal being to move for as much time as you can within each 1 minute window
*The plate hops and weighted sit-ups are the easiest stations to keep moving on, but the swings will present a bigger challenge
*Coming off the sit-ups (where the heart rate isn’t that high) and having 1 minute of rest to follow is a nice incentive to hold on to the dumbbell for most of the minute
*Get to at least the 30 second mark before putting the weight down
*If you’re feeling good at half way, see if you can hold on for another 15 seconds
*If you still feel like you’re able to hold on at 45, let’s finish out the whole minute
*These mini goals within the minute can help you get the most out of your time on the dumbbell


3 Rounds:
30 Seconds Active Samson Video
30 Seconds Alternating Bird Dogs Video
30 Seconds Jumping Jacks


3 Rounds:
30 Seconds Box Step-ups
30 Seconds Front Plank
30 Seconds Inchworm to Push-up Video




“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

~Derek Jeter

Whether we believe in talent or not is irrelevant.
Everyone, however, should believe in hard work.

When we were born, we looked just like the next baby. We didn’t have any skills, any separating “talents”. Nothing. We learned everything, from scratch.

Yet, there is a time in our lives that we think we can’t learn anymore. That we’re too old to learn new tricks. In that moment, remind ourselves…. nothing has changed but our perceptions. It’s a self-imposed limit that goes directly against our greatest strength, and what makes us human. Adaptability.

The difficult pill to swallow is that when we chalk it up to not having the “talent”, it’s really an excuse. An excuse that we don’t want to put in the hard work. When we can see it from that angle, talent doesn’t matter. All that matters now, is how hard we’re willing to think, plan, strategize…. and work.