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Derek coming in from the Sandbag sprint during the Retro Games!


“The Burgener Total”
Compare to 7/29/14
You will have three attempts at each lift to find your 1 rep max:
Clean and Jerk
Front Squat
Your “Burgener Total” is the combination of your best lift. You must complete them in that order.


What you need to know about your hormones

By Alex McMahon
our hormones are chemical messengers the body uses to interact between the different systems of the body. Hormones control your mood, body fat , muscle gainz, libido, motivation and many more aspects of who you are.

The hormones in our body are always changing in response to the signals we are sending, and the signals from the environment around us. Our ability to manage and respond to a stimulus is dependent on our hormones.

Two people can follow the same nutrition plan, the same programming and have a similar lifestyle but get entirely different results. How their body responds to this stimulus is heavily dependent on their overall hormonal state.

Here’s what you need to know to perform and feel your very best.

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