March 18, 2014

Wednesday March 19, 2014

14.3 in action! __ Reminder: Fenix will be teaching the Olympic Lifting class on Saturday at 11:00am, there will be NO 3:00 class this afternoon! __ WOD Core Work: A) Tabata Med Ball Roll Out’s B) Tabata Russian Twists with Med Ball Conditioning: “Daniel” For time: 50 pull-ups 400-meter run 95-lb. thruster, 21 reps 800-meter run 95-lb. thruster, 21 reps […]
March 17, 2014

Tuesday March 18, 2014

Randy, Lamar, and James are working on their Abs of steel with Hollow Rocks! __ WOD Strength: Strict Press 5×2 Conditioning: For Time: 100 Double Unders 80 Kettlebell Swings (53,35#) 60 Front Squats (135,95#) 40 Push Jerks (115, 75#) 20 Ring Dips *There will be a penalty of 3 Burpees, every time the Kettlebell or Barbell go to the floor […]
March 16, 2014

Monday March 17, 2014

Alvin is making sure that Jake get’s full range of motion as he judges him on Open WOD 14.3! __ Reminder: Your scores for Open WOD 14.3 are due by 5:00pm tonight!! don’t procrastinate get them in ASAP! __ Attention: Fenix will be teaching the Olympic lifting class on Saturday at 11:00am this week. For any of you that have […]
March 14, 2014

Saturday March 15, 2014

The nooners are working hard to stay on the bar throughout their Toes to Bar! __ Happy Birthday Michelle E! __ Reminder: There will be NO Olympic lifting class this Saturday, Fenix is out of town this week. Thanks for understanding! __ Don’t forget, Heather will be teaching Yoga at 9:15am today. If you care about your life you’ll be […]