Daily Workout

September 18, 2015

Saturday September 19, 2015

Buddy can’t get enough of Cam! __ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAM T.! __ Don’t forget, Heather will be teaching Yoga today at 9:15am! __ Shayan will be running Open Gym this Sunday from 9:30am-11:30am! __ WOD Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes: 4 rounds of: :45 on/:15 off 1. Max reps of Thruster 95/65 2. Max reps of Double […]
September 17, 2015

Friday September 18, 2015

Nomar is pushing to his limits during the Front Squat of the Burgener Total, the main goal, to beat Wes! __ It’s Benchmark Friday! __ Benchmark WOD Functional Strength: A) Front Rack One-Leg Bulgarian Split Squat B) Barbell One-Leg Bench Hip Thrusters Superset 3×10 each side, try to go a little heavier than 8/28. Conditioning: “GI Jane” Compare to 12/5/14 […]
September 16, 2015

Thursday September 17, 2015

Heath, Dainja, Chayden, and Buddy during the Row event of the Team Series! __ WOD Today we will be running the WOD’s open gym style! You will have two options: Option 1: For time: Run 1 Mile 100 Sit-Ups 100 Hip Extensions Run 1 Mile Mix and match Hip Extensions and Sit-Ups as needed. Option 2: Make up a WOD […]
September 15, 2015

Wednesday September 16, 2015

Mckay catching his breath after one of the WOD’s at the Retro Games! __ WOD Strength: Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy 3-rep Back Squat Conditioning: Compare to 2/28/14 Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of: 30 Double-Unders 15 Power Snatches (75/55lbs) __ The Tale of the Fork Licker (and Other Thoughts […]